Injuries are a pain, apparently

November 23, 2007

Platini and Blatter would tell you that International games are fun, Wenger would tell you that International games are a pain in every club manager’s arse. Seeing as Platini and Blatter lack much experience in club management, I will go with Wenger’s statement more so than theirs. But truth be told, I think that’s because I think Platini is an intolerable cunt. You shouldn’t let your mind wander Michael, it’s much too small to be out on its own.

Now that the internationals have passed, we can assess the damage, and make no bones about it, it’s not looking good. The biggest blow will be Hleb, who developed a hamstring injury with Belarus and is expected to be out for three entire weeks, which means he’ll miss Sevilla, Aston Villa, Newcastle, Middlesbrough and Bucharest. Let’s just hope he recovers in time for when we face Chelsea, we’ll need him for that.

In terms of injuries altogether, Hleb joins the absentee’s list this weekend along with Mathieu Flamini (thigh), Cesc Fabregas (suspended), Abou Diaby (back) and Gilberto (fatigue). Now, what I find odd about all these injuries, is that it has in one week, completely annihilated the one area we thought we had fully covered. Things are looking so short in midfield right now, that Frankie Detorri is overlooking it.

It also seems that Robin van Persie, despite being back in training, is not yet ready for first team football. No doubt we’ll see him return for the Sevilla match next week. On a more positive note though, the internationals are finished, we don’t have any more qualifiers to play and no more unexpected international injuries whereby cunts like Domenech secretly love taking our expensive assets, breaking them and returning them back with a ‘I don’t know what happened, he came broken!’ theory. If I had the chance of meeting him, I’d half a mind to spit in his ice cream, pelt him with dogmuck and tickle him with stinging nettles. That’ll teach him. It taught Charlie Turner in Primary School when he pulled Wolverine’s head off and returned it back to me with the same idiotic excuse. He was a cunt as well come to think of it.

Anyway, moving on from childhood memories, Clichy reveals the story behind the huddle, apparently it was all instigated by Gallas. Now, I’ll confess, I think Gallas becoming a captain above the likes of Gilberto and Toure was sickening, the problem, I felt, was that he was a recent ex-Chelsea player and had made a few wrong comments about the fact Arsenal’s team is so young and inexperienced and that he’ll never succeed with them etc etc

However, after his sincere apologies, encouraging the team to get together after training and go for meals, taking the youngsters to meet 50 cent and various things like this huddle ritual, to which I still think was started before him, but he has since further encouraged, he is slowly proving to every Arsenal fan that he is worthy of this Captain’s armband. Especially when you can see the complete unity and the attitude of the players fighting for one another on the pitch, it really does demonstrate the positive impact his captaincy has had on the club, and as long as we keep winning, may it continue. Hopefully he’ll be the same encouraging, pick-me up kind of leader when the results eventually go against us.

Arsene truly does know, the wily old sod.

Right, and that’s your lot. I would really appreciate comments on my posts guys, just to give me constructive criticism or the like as I am still fairly new to this whole blog concept, I do want to improve this blog, so if there is something, let me know. As for the theme, tough titties, it stays blue. Its the only decent free theme WordPress has, despite the shit looking flowers on the sidebar.



  1. Alrite mate,

    Fantastic blog you have here, i’d love to do a link swap with your site. Email me back when you can…


  2. For the masochistic among you, consider how slight the margins were this season.

    P Team Pld W D L Pts GD
    1 Arsenal 38 25 11 2 86 45
    2 Chelsea 38 25 10 3 85 39
    3 Man U 38 26 6 6 84 56

    This is how the table should have looked. Not after major alterations in our season, but if we had kept our concentration for the last 35+ minutes of the game at Old Trafford where we played them off the park. Instead we conceeded two needless set-pieces. That’s how close it was.

    I know hindsight is always 20/20, and some will argue that if we had won, the other results may not have panned out they way they did, but that argument would also work in our favour, considering the morale boost a win over Utd would have given the lads. THAT”S how CLOSE it was!

    Keep the faith Gooners!!

  3. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Roger.

  4. I love your site! 🙂

    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

  5. Hi, I was wondering if you would like to swap blogroll links as I can’t seem to get your contact email address.



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