Karma God, You’re an utter shitbag

November 20, 2007

I understand that saying this, I will no doubt be run over by a steam train whilst spontaneously combusting in the early hours of a rainy day next week whilst walking my dog. Most randomly because I am never up to see the early hours and I don’t have a dog, but by implying that the Karma God is an utter shitbag will no doubt seal my fate in the most unforgiving way.

Almost like the shitbag in question has unforgivably, yet again, smited our players during a routine training session for the French squad. Flamini and Diaby will both, more than likely, be missing from our squad against Wigan, however, it doesn’t help when the French national boss has reported on the injury with ‘he suffered a little something’, I hope a little something falls on top of your head from a great height, you twat.

A little something

We now lack possibly both Flamini and Diaby going into a Wigan game that Cesc removed himself with an unnecessary, yet funny, yellow card against Reading. However, there is some good news, Gilberto now gets his chance for the first time this season and Diarra will possibly get the call up to partner Gilberto in midfield. The only problem is, we will have two defensive midfielders in the centre of our team, hopefully one of them knows roughly how to attack.

The rumour mill has started up again with us being linked to Luka Modric, and not for the first time this season either. With some sources based in Croatia, its understood that we actually asked about Modric whilst purchasing Eduardo. Some even say that we had a first option clause, giving us the first refusal of the player, whilst others said that we had signed him and he would be joining us in January.

Problem is, Chelsea have apparently offered Dinamo Zagreb 30m Euros for the player which Zagreb ‘turned down’, now call me cynical, but I don’t believe Zagreb would have turned down 30m Euros. That being said, it may have something to do with us and the cards we are holding close to our chest regarding the player.

More than likely though, its just Dinamo Zagreb trying to start a public auction looking for the most money, if that’s the case, you can certainly count us out of that. Unless its one of those reverse auctions whereby everyone puts in a lowest bid and the lowest unique bid wins. Arsene would win with a 1YEN bid and complain that he overspent.

Modric and Goldness

Right, I have been mucking about a bit on this whole wordpress thingymabob (you see Domenech, I can be just as specific as you!) and have found out how I can include some player profiles and other groovy stuff. I’m still a complete novice, so don’t laugh or I’ll IP ban you (you’ll have to wait 6 months until I find out how to IP ban though), I’ll also try and get this match preview up in the next couple of days as well.

If you’ll now excuse me, I’m gonna go watch the Final Destination trilogy to get the better of Karma God.


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  1. great read mate and those pics are terrific ,how nicely ,funnily yet efficiently you got your point across was brilliant!!

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