International Week = Utter boredom

November 20, 2007

Here we are, yet again, in the middle of another international week. This is that time whereby we, as a club, send our players on tens of thousands per week, worth multi-millions all around the world to take part in their National Team games and pray that they don’t get injured. With our club though, we must have done something bad to piss off the God of Karma (if there is such a god) as we more often than not, pick up long term injuries from these games. Take Robin van Persie as an example, who was stretchered off in his last Holland appearance and subsequently missed the Liverpool and Manchester United games that we really could have used him in.

So, what has happened so far in the 1st international games? Well, 15 of our players got called up and as far as I can make out, all of them survived with no injuries. Arsenal.com has more info here, it seems the only headline is that Rosicky scored, now if he could only score for us and stay injury free for more than 5 minutes.

Hoyte wants to stay and fight for his place, but I think whilst he is competent, he doesn’t offer the team much else besides an English passport, with Sagna already making that position his own and Wenger probably favouring Eboue as back-up in that right back role, I do see little chance of Hoyte returning to the first team and getting the same amount of appearances he got last season. Not a bad player, but then, not a great one either, he will no doubt be sold and picked up by Portsmouth who have 30,000 ex-Arsenal defenders.

“The only thing that eclipses this Arsenal team is the invincibles” and any trophy winning side really. Now, I’m not a pessimistic fan, but I am a realist. The current team has undeniable dropped their trunks and waved their arses to every football ‘expert’ and I use that term ‘expert’ lightly, all who were so quick to make up their dim-witted minds. However, we need to win trophies before we get carried away. As Arsenal fans, we are blessed with sublime football and some awesome players, but we need to keep our feet firmly on the ground and remember that it can all still go horribly wrong for us. I hope to god it won’t, but then they say football is a funny old game and not in the context of when you see C. Ronaldo fall flat on his arse trying to do one trick too many, which more often than not, is two tricks, but because its unpredictable.

This Arsenal side has massive potential, but it needs to win trophies to be remarked as a great side. If we can equal the invincible record then by all means, the better. But lets not get ahead of ourselves, there’s still more than 25 games left.

Later in the week, I will post an in-depth preview to the Wigan game and hopefully some opinions on the game by Wigan fans, which should be insightful, especially after the Jewell departure.

Rightio, that’s your lot for now, I’ll try and post when I can. Feel free to leave comments and what not, if I can be bothered, I may even read a couple!


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